On the Street #101

Há alguns anos atrás, umas das regras do vestuário é que não podia usar calças brancas no inverno.

No dias de hoje, não faz de todo sentido esta máxima de estilo. 

As calças brancas estão bem presentes nas coleções de variados designers e grandes casas, sejam coleções de inverno ou verão.

Na verdade, gostos à parte, são uma peça muito versátil e muito fáceis de estilizar, podendo ser combinadas com um variado leque de cores e/ ou padrões.

Deste modo, o jeans/ calças brancas são daquelas peças básicas que devem fazer parte de qualquer closet e usadas durante todo o ano.

A parte negativa, sujam-se muito facilmente. Por isso, tenham cuidado onde se sentam.


White pants in Winter

I really like those old style rules like for example: only-a-certifiable-lunatic-wears-white-pants-on-Winter.

In my opinion, they´re outdated ideas, which is presumably why no one follows them any more. Right guys?!

Nowadays, white pants are well present on the collections of vast number of designers and great fashions houses, either it´s Winter or Summer shows.

Here are some guidelines to follow, in case you are a “white jeans begginer”:

Go slowly

Do not turn heads in white pants if you are not used to wearing such light clothing.

The first step to go into this trend is pick the right pair of trousers for you.

Don´t go for a random pair, just because they´re white. That´s a great mistake.

Pick up the pair that makes you feel that polo game chic allure.

Think about that French Riviera old movies full of glamour.

There is a vast range of styles in the market. Maybe the first step to get used to that whiteness is to pick a very light camel chinos.

You can add a denim shirt or just a plain color shirt, por example, a navy one.

When you feel comfortable with these pants, it's time to move on to the next step...

Master the perfect fit

Now that you feel comfortable with your light chinos is time to browse online or in stores for a cool slim white jeans.

Why slim? You ask..

Well, there is a good explanation for this.

Just because white is not the most flattering color, like we all know, and besides it can show more of your body than would want.

It also can makes you feel ´big´. So try to avoid skinny jeans.

Check for a great style ones not that tight from your body. Slim or regular fits better for sure. Trust me!

Do not be afraid

Do not be afraid of style. He is not a seven-headed monster.

Not knowing how to style white pants, it´s okay.

To be honest, is not that hard. Just because they can go with almost everything. Because they are a very versatile piece.

You can combine them with a wide range of colors and/ or patterns.

First try the classic: white and navy look. You´ll never go wrong with this combo!

Then dare other colors and diferente materials, for exemple, a slim denim shirt, a plain color shirt, a cool sweater, a cardigan. So many exemples.

On the photos, I decided to styled my white pants with a navy woolen turtleneck sweater and a camel bomber jacket with shearling-trimmed on the colar.

Add some footwear statement

Admittedly, the white pants attract attention. If you do not feel comfortable with this wake-up call, the trick will be to divert attentions.

Adding a statement footwear you can make your style even better and put attentions not only on your legs, but on your feet.

My suggestions: suede Chelsea style boots, leather Derby shoes, leather Brogue boots, Oxford shoes or a pair of sneakers.

Negative point

The negative part, white pants get dirty very easily. Pay attention where you sit.

Final words

The style always comes from our inside to the outside. Not the other way around.

The important thing is that you feel comfortable with what you wear.

Including new pieces into our style is always a plus.

White pants are those basic pieces that should be part of any closet and worn throughout the year.


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