What is Style?

Style isn´t something someone can teach you.
Isn´t something you can learn.
You already know it!
You were born with it.
Style is not an expensive jacket.
Not the latest trend.
Style is not what is sold to you in shops.
Style is not fashion.
And style is not definitely not an extension of yourself.
It is yourself.
Style is who you are.
And your core.
Style is the side of bed you sleep on at night.
It is the choice of drink you have at a restaurant.
The hand you write with.
Your favorite color.
It is your gender.
It is your sexuality.
It is your first love.
It is your mother.
It is the lowest moment of your life.
Your happiest.
And every moment in between.
Style is everything that ever happened to you.
Since birth right to this very moment.
It is every decision you make.
It defines you.
You live it every second of every day.
Even when you even dress up.
When you don´t wear make-up.
When you are not being fashionable.
When you are ugly.
Style is the confidence to be yourself.
If you don´t know who that is...
Stop thinking.
Stop questioning.
And stop trying to find out.
Start feeling!
You image will tell a great deal about who you are.
If you only listen...
It is expression.
The same as a painting.
A drawing.
A sculpture.
It is art!
You are art!
Wear your hair how YOU want to wear it!
Wear your make-up how YOU want to wear it!
Wear clothes which YOU want to wear.
Only buy thing which inspire you.
And don´t think twice.
Whether you´re a guy who wants to wear a dress.
Or a girl who wants a mustache.
Do it!
Do not follow trends!
You´ll start to see your own trend in choices you make.
You will start to shine through. 
And you know who you are.
This is you.
And this is beautiful.
Anything less is ugly.
And you are not ugly.
Be inspired.
Be inspiring.
Be style.



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